June 01, 2018

After 7 years I am back !

Previous post of my blog was hang on my Uni life.
Well, Uni life is really precious and unforgettable. I growth, I learnt and I tranformed at UUM!

Back to penang is like starting a new game which everything start from "0".
Is like a mario game, your power, your coins and your XP all start from "0" too.
There are bunch of problems is queue-ing up towards me after i grad.
Life is fun when you have everything 0 as this is a chance for your to created a bigger value.

So I started from my career, my family and gakkai.
Trying hard to blend myself into Penang this beautiful island. And trying hard to build new comrades bonding at penang.

For the past 5 years, I struggling in many critical situation and issue in my life. Glad that I have Ghz and comrades around me to support me!

What I feel now is, I always wish to test how far I can go? How high I can fly?
Just wish to move towards to my dream even the situation now seems like not allow to.
But as what Stephen Chow said : A person withouta dream is like a salted dead fish. =D
No matter how old am I, it's never too old to chase on my dream !

Stay tune there as I will make my blog alive on coming days.
Just wish to jot down how is my youthful life going on. And it will be precious memories when I am old.

--May with full of hope signs off_01062018

February 09, 2012

Things that I done in Sem 3..

Well, suddenly so excited to post about what i have done in my sem 3. hehe
Here i come...some of the activities don't have photo so i just go thru some..
I has been stay at SME BANK but my appointment in campus were more. HAHA
Almost everyday after class 5pm sure will stay back and went to laluan A or B to have dinner
then only took 8.30PM bus back kachi. 
Although the journey was a bit long to back, and i don't get to bath from morning till night.
BUT.. I enjoy it !! Enjoy the time I have dinner with my comrades.
Went back to YAB to visit my lovely roommates too. 

OK..here come the photossss..

Visit Jze Yuin in the YAB cultural night.. pheweet..she be the model.
Sure i go for support ! =D
*that time i just back from YWD training program from changloon*

Peace Proposal study meet at SP kaikan
shared by NUV which is our lovely ex-acad U seniors from north which most of them from Penang!

Seniors's Convocation.
We prepared flowers, souvenir and banner as well.
Although its quite exhausted to rush to the hall after class. but its worth !
So happy and excited to meet back all the seniors =)

Kachi was full of YAB-ians actually. haha
so this year we celebrate Jia Shing's birthday at kachi Tennis court.
Surprise her at night with cake.

Junior graduation and one day camp at Alor Setar kaikan
Went to support and help for the event at AS.
Had a very great cooperation with HSD there.
Its an unforgettable memories to me in UUM life. They're GREAT !

Senior's Gathering
Its a farewell for seniors who going to graduate.
So we (juniors) prepare everything just for them !
Games, foods, songs, souvenir and dance.
Just for u, u and U !!
Be strong be tough and always be with our sensei !!
All the best in working ! 

Appreciation night at Jitra.
Its an appreciation night done by seniors who going to graduate to members at jitra.
Purpose is thanks to aunty uncle that take care them at Kedah for almost 4 years
Members at Kedah was so great !
They always help us in every way. 
Transport, foods, and so on. 
They prepare many foods for us on that night too !

Exchange with KL region 5 Student Division.
Theme : 集结十万国士
Acad U (kedah), Acad P, Acad K and MMU exchange meet!
Guess what ? our ex-acad U seniors was soo caring.
They prepare cars for us from Kedah to KL.
they prepare 6 cars to fetch 27 of us !
Had a great exchange there. 
The exchange was not an end ! Its a starting point or turning point to all of us !!

AHA !! Langkawi trip.
I went to Langkawi with my Acad U comrades !
nice, fun and tired too. haha
But i enjoy it ! Banana boat was soooo fun ! 
bought alots of souvenir from there to family too =)

Kuala Perlis reunion dinner.
OK! its our reunion dinner of the sem.
We make it at Kuala Perlis seafood. hehe yummy !!
Some of the seniors were so ngam back to UUM and pass up report so join us to have dinner too !

OK! finally its end of sem 3. 
Final exam is around the corner time. 
HEHE i was not always stay in my room to study. I went to visit seniors who going to graduate soon at Proton and also Sime darby.
Went to KFC for dinner with them !
My 2 cute seniors Sfung and Cyean

Photo that took in Proton's room cupboard.
They said they never took photo in the cupboard before. Since they going to graduate so must try it =.=
And i be the camera girl of the night. 
Had a great time with you all !! 
And its a beautiful full stop of my sem 3 !

February 01, 2012


WOW ~! seem like i has been ignored my blog for almost one year. hee~ sowieee..

OK! now going to update something new. I had ended my semester 3 in UUM.
wooo.... its so fast. But yet the same I kena the last day exam but luckily not the last paper.

Well, this semester was a very challenging semester to me !
I started major in industry (as my course need to major). Assignments drives me crazy!
Besides that, I got 2 killer lecturer in this sem =.=
Gakkai acitivites as well.
But no matter how hard, how challenge, how suffer. I HAD PASS BY it !!!
so proud to say it out !
Just like what xiao hei said : When u really work hard and walk over, you will have a deep feeling and will very proud shout out loud too

No matter how, i had tried my best to finish up every paper in final !
Never give up even its seem to be impossible. Thanks to seniors who support me all the while ! =)
Guess what ? i am infinite in this sem too. hehehehe

Although i stay at SME BANK hostel but yet i run to campus to overnight here and there.
Main purpose not to play, to accompany seniors who going to grad soon.
I went to Sime Darby and Proton. HAHA still i am the same, like to run here and there.

i am at Penang ! Holiday for 1 month but time flies, left 2 more weeks only =(
But it seem not a enjoyable holiday for me. haha
Have many paper work need to rush and arrange.
Start from last year i will write down some targets for myself to achieve.
And i review back last year, seem like 90% of my target had achieved! wohoooo~~

This year due to examssss so I dint set it on January. But i will set it now too ! hehe

OK end of my update and I will update more soon~~
I can feel that, next sem going to be a more challenging to me !!
I saw back something while i cleaning my room last few days.
Something that make me back to the starting point ! =)

August 19, 2011

KL TRIP 2011

10, 11, 12 .8.2011
Went to KL with family. Its a fun trip this time.
We stayed at Nova hotel which located at Jalan Alor and full of foods
But too bad i can't any food in KL can compare with penang. heee~
Check in on 10.8.2011 on 9pm something.
Its pretty early but we're tired till no energy to eat and walk anymore.

waiting to get in our room =)

ok my face was very pale. due to I always can't tahan then long journey in car. =(

my little sis - Jolyn. CUTE !!

dad and leslie, checking IN

Our hotel was very near Sungai Wang, Times Square and BB Plaza.
So we walked there and meet up sis for dinner after check in !
while walking to there. Met this BLUE MAN. My sis was so excited and wanna take photo with it.

hello joanne lok, You're a dancer leh. How come this blue man can post well than you ? haha

The next day, our shopping day. Walk to Times Square. the weather was super hot !!


I like the banana cartoon and elmo ! haha

waiting train to go pavilion and buy sticky.
Ok although KL was super hong bian to go everywhere by monorail and LRT
but its toooo many people and complicated la.
haha Pg's life is more suitable for me.

waiting for something =)

starbucks at times square.

this 2 soft toys was CUTE !! especially the frog. 
Its 50% offer so i gt the frog back to pg with me =)
And i plan to bring it back to UUM too !

If i am not wrong, this drinks make me stomachache =S

sister - Josephine

daddy =)

my mom shirt was so match with the background! haha

Starbucks photo time ! 

photo time - ling with her DSLR


My sis said i look like monkey in this photos =.=

last station on the last day was KLCC

Group photo but without ah ling. HAHA

On the way back to pg.
Have our lunch at A&W on don't know which rest station.

curly fries !! NICE!!

My sis bought this baby smurfs back to pg. And she bought a sunflower and pink domo soft toys too.

take 1 !

take 2 !

take 3 !

Due to i am following family trip so I don't get to meet up my friends who stay at KL
planned to meet up Hui ping who work there.
but our time was not match at all. Sorry my dear, will see you at pg k ? =)
don't gt to meet up my dear roommate too and the little girl sze fung. haha
both of them was busy.

Bought some clothes and bags in this trips. hehe Productive trips.
But no more clothes for me to buy before CNY lo.
KL was a good place to shop
but not a good place to EAT ! haha
when back to pg only I can feel that the food at pg was DELICIOUS !!
Even Kedah also better than KL. haha sorry to say that la, but its true. haha.

August 14, 2011

080811 21st Birthday !

Its my birthday post again. Each year once =)
its 2011 and its my 21st birthday !!

My 1st birthday celebration !
Its Sunday and we had RG PIC Meet at rou nie's house.
they celebrated my birthday after the meeting.
Thanks ya !! I appreciate it =)
celebration with RG PIC !

credits to the video camera girl - ai li =D 

2 ginna fighting. HAHA. feeding her eat chocolate turn to be fighting. 

Girls of the meet =)

RouNie and Hui Jia.

Marble cheese. yummy !

Me of the day !

My 2nd celebration!!
 with Ping, bling and Joon
at Xuen Sheng !
Had my dinner with them after i back from RG PIC Meet =)

Ping and her bro Joon

FRUUZE after our dinner

i think i am addicted to FRUUZE d ! =P

My 3rd celebration !!
was with my godsis siew yean and godfather 
godfather gave me an ang pow and siew yean treat me lunch
japanese food at tanjung tokong =)

My 4th celebration !!
with family, just a simple celebration at home and cut the cakes =)

Cake by mom

Me the birthday girl =)

Present by Qian yu.

a Blue Polo T by qian yu

birthday gift by daddy =)

A Sony Video Camera =)

And a full set gosho.. wheeee~~

The video camera

Ang Pow from grandmother and godfather

Gift by Xiao hei, thanks for bring it to me ^^

tada~ a box of cookies, a mcd mug and the main point
the book - dialogue between Daisaku Ikeda with Professor Toyn Bee !!
I find this book for very long d =D

hehe can't wait to read it !!

birthday gift by my little sis - Jolyn

present by my sister - Josephine

key necklace from godmother =)

and the last one, photo edit by ah bing as my birthday present =))
our memories in this 2 sem ! 

THANKIUU you all !! I had a great birthday this year,
oh ya !
one more, thanks to those who wish me by text, phone call and also FB there !
and also thanks to my dear friend Hui ying who send me birthday wish from Singapore =) 
I received a birthday msg by ah hoay.
the msg was quite niceee.. i like it, 

" Wishing you all the best in the year to come.
May your day filled with sunshine and beautiful colours
And may your be filled with comforting dreams and wishes come true
This not a year older but a year better.
May every candle on your cake get you a wonderful surprise
Happy birthday !!!"

although the msg is simple but it impressed me ! thanks ah hoay !